About Us

Trinet Outdoor  testing this website Advertising well known as one of the excellent Out of Home Media Company not only in United Arab Emirates but also in entire Middle East. Trinet Outdoor recognized by providing exceptional services in assisting their clients by means of presenting their company, promoting products and delivering messages that can change the insight of the consumers, viewers, commuters and shoppers by simply using very innovative and most improved way of OOH Media.

Trinet Outdoor aiming to provides a first class and incomparable services and preferred to build a long term business relationship with clients. Humbly meaning that we are not just concerned about the income that we will get but we cared most about our customer’s satisfaction and benefits.

The company believes that creating a long term business relationship is a thought provoking experience that engenders action because “It is our enjoyment to be part of your growing business and increasing income.

The Team work with all major media owners to enable us to provide you with a bespoke outdoor advertisement. The company provide comprehensive marketing consultation, creation of advertising campaign and understands that every client has special needs in sending out their messages to the public and encourage the Shopper’s to check the brand.

Reason to advertise are